You Booze You Lose…….right?

Welcome to my blog.  Thanks for visiting!  

After  completing several “Dryathlons” over the course of the past year or two, involving month/2 month long periods of abstinence and then pretty much immediately returning to often sinking upwards of a couple of bottles of wine a day, I have finally decided to have a go at this blogging lark. I’ve been reading blogs for several months, and I shall lurk no more!

My aim is to challenge myself to 100 days without booze, with exercise, and to work toward getting my body “baby ready” so that I can finally put mine and my partner’s plan to become parents into action.  Can’t expect my body to be desperate to bear a child for me if I continue to partake in over consumption of vino hey.  I’ve already waved goodbye to the fags and now just need to get a handle on the alcohol and also lose a shed load of weight.

Not much to do then!